Microwave Food Drying Machine

Industry: chemical,pharmaceutical,food,dehydrated vegetables,grain,mining,etc

Application: aslemon Acid,chicken essence,borax,ammonium sulfate,radish silk,seeds,salt,silkworm, etc


Description of microwave food dryer

  1. Rapid Drying Technology: Microwave Food Drying Machine utilizes advanced microwave technology for swift and efficient drying of food products.
  2. Uniform Heating: Ensures even and thorough heating, preventing hot spots and maintaining consistent product quality throughout the drying process.
  3. Preservation of Nutrients: Minimizes nutrient loss during drying, preserving the flavor, color, and nutritional value of the food.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Microwave drying is energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption compared to traditional drying methods.
  5. Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of food products, from fruits and vegetables to meats and grains, offering versatility in the drying process.


Working principle of microwave food dryer

  1. Microwave Emission: The machine emits microwaves, a type of electromagnetic radiation, which penetrate the food items.
  2. Dielectric Heating: Microwaves interact with water molecules within the food, causing them to oscillate and generate heat through dielectric heating.
  3. Rapid Energy Transfer: Efficient energy transfer occurs directly to the moisture within the food, leading to rapid heating and subsequent evaporation.
  4. Even Distribution: Microwave technology ensures uniform heating, preventing localized overheating or underheating in the food.
  5. Selective Heating: Targets moisture content, leaving the surrounding material relatively unaffected, reducing the risk of overcooking or quality degradation.
  6. Shortened Drying Time: The focused and efficient heating process significantly reduces drying time compared to conventional methods, improving overall productivity.

Microwave Food Drying Machine   

Advantages of microwave food dryer

  1. Rapid Drying: Microwave Food Drying Machine achieves faster drying times compared to traditional methods, enhancing production efficiency.
  2. Nutrient Preservation: The technology minimizes nutrient loss by gently drying food items, preserving their nutritional content, flavor, and color.
  3. Even Heating: Ensures uniform heating throughout the product, preventing uneven drying and maintaining consistent quality.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Microwave drying is energy-efficient, reducing overall energy consumption and operational costs.


Materials and industries of microwave food dryers

  1. Industry: chemical,pharmaceutical,food,dehydrated vegetables,grain,mining,etc
  2. Application: aslemon Acid,chicken essence,borax,ammonium sulfate,radish silk,seeds,salt,silkworm, etc

Technical parameters of microwave food dryer

NoModelPowerDehydration CapacitySterilization CapacitySize(L*W*H)
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