Vacuum Microwave oven

Applications: citric acid, chicken essence, borax, ammonium sulfate, shredded radish, seeds, salt, silkworms, etc

Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mining, etc


Vacuum  microwave oven

The principe behind the Microwave Vacuum oven involves the combination of microwave energy and a vacuum environment. Microwave energy is applied to the material, causing polar molecules within it (like water) to oscillate rapidly. This oscillation generates internal heat, facilitating the evaporation of moisture. The vacuum environment aids in the rapid removal of evaporated moisture by maintaining low pressure, thereby reducing the boiling point of water and expediting the drying process.


  1. Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, these dryers are employed to efficiently dry heat-sensitive pharmaceutical components, ensuring the preservation of their chemical properties.
  2. Food Processing: Microwave Vacuum Dryers are used for drying various food items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains. This method helps in removing moisture while retaining the nutritional value of the food products.
  3. Chemical Industry: Chemical substances, powders, and granular materials often require precise drying processes to maintain their quality and properties, making these dryers a valuable asset in the chemical sector.
  4. Biotechnology and Laboratories: Laboratories use these dryers for drying biological products, experimental samples, and lab materials due to their ability to maintain controlled and gentle drying conditions.
  5. Minerals and Powdered Materials: Industries dealing with powdered or granular minerals or materials also benefit from Microwave Vacuum Dryers for efficient and controlled drying.

Microwave Vacuum Dryer

GRT-V6380V,50HZ2450±50-0.08~-0.092MPA6 1350*900*1750 ≤5
GRT-V9380V,50HZ2450±50-0.08~-0.092MPA9  1350*900*1750≤5
GRT-V12380V,50HZ2450±50-0.08~-0.092MPA12 1500*1200*1750 ≤5
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