Fruit belt dryer

A fruit belt dryer is a type of industrial drying equipment specifically designed for drying fruits. which are continuous drying systems where the product is conveyed on a moving belt through drying chambers or tunnels. The process involves the application of heat to remove moisture from the fruits, extending their shelf life and preserving their nutritional value.


Related introduction of fruit belt dryer

  1. High-Efficiency Drying Solution: The fruit belt dryer machine is a cutting-edge solution for preserving fruits by efficiently removing moisture while retaining taste, nutrients, and color.
  2. Continuous Processing: Offering continuous drying on a conveyor belt system, this equipment ensures consistent drying throughout the fruit batch, optimizing production throughput.
  3. Customizable Settings for Various Fruits: With adjustable temperature and airflow controls, it accommodates a wide range of fruits, allowing tailored settings for specific moisture content and drying requirements.
  4. Gentle Drying Technology: Employing gentle heat and airflow, the belt dryer preserves the natural properties of fruits, minimizing degradation and ensuring superior product quality.

Fruit belt dryer        Fruit belt dryer

Do you know the working principles of fruit belt dryers?

  1. Conveyor System: Fruits are placed on a continuous conveyor belt that moves them through the drying chamber.
  2. Heat Application: Heat sources such as hot air or infrared radiation are directed onto the fruit on the moving belt to initiate the drying process.
  3. Airflow Control: Controlled airflow within the drying chamber removes moisture from the fruit’s surface, facilitating evaporation.
  4. Humidity Regulation: The system regulates humidity levels to maintain an optimal drying environment, ensuring efficient moisture extraction.
  5. Uniform Drying: The consistent movement of fruits along the belt ensures uniform exposure to heat and airflow, preventing uneven drying.
  6. Monitoring and Control: Sensors and controllers regulate temperature, humidity, and conveyor speed, allowing precise adjustments to achieve the desired drying results while preserving fruit quality.

    Fruit belt dryer

Corresponding materials and industries for fruit belt dryers

main ingreadient:   It uses pure hot air generated by a hot air furnace. The hot air temperature is controllable from 50°C to 160°C. It can dry and dehydrate quickly and operate efficiently. It is especially suitable for drying sheets and strips and granular materials with good air permeability.

  1. Food industry: eggplant, fruits, vegetable slices, dried fruit slices, red peppers, hot peppers, strawberries, walnuts, hawthorn slices, etc.
  2. Medicinal materials: honeysuckle, honeysuckle, skullcap, salvia, ginseng, dangshen, raw rehmannia, rehmannia glutinosa, atractylodes, etc.
  3. Chemical industry: organic pigments, composite rubber, acrylic fiber, etc.

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