CO2 Extraction Equipment

Introduction to carbon dioxide extraction machine

CO2 Extraction Equipment represents an innovative solution for extracting valuable compounds from botanical materials. This machinery operates by utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent, a process conducted under specific pressure and temperature conditions to achieve optimal extraction.

Typically comprising extraction vessels, pumps, pressure controllers, and separators, this equipment is instrumental in the extraction process. The procedure begins with pressurizing CO2 to a supercritical state, enabling it to interact with plant materials and dissolve target compounds effectively. Once dissolved, the CO2-extract mixture is separated. By adjusting temperature and pressure, the CO2 reverts to its gaseous state, leaving behind pure and concentrated extracts.

CO2 Extraction Equipment finds extensive application across various industries. In herbal extraction, it efficiently extracts bioactive compounds from herbs and botanicals while maintaining their natural integrity. In the food industry, it extracts flavors, colors, and essences from materials, enhancing taste and quality. Furthermore, in pharmaceuticals, it extracts active compounds used in drug formulation.

The equipment’s significance lies in its efficiency, controllability, and environmental friendliness. It ensures high-quality extracts while preserving the natural characteristics of the compounds. The controlled parameters allow for selective extraction, ensuring only desired components are collected.

This technology has revolutionized extraction processes by eliminating the need for toxic solvents while achieving high yields. Its adaptability across industries showcases its versatility and significance in modern production methods. As an eco-friendly and precise extraction method, CO2 Extraction Equipment stands as a cornerstone in producing pure, high-quality extracts, meeting the demands of various sectors and ensuring product integrity.

CO2 Extraction Equipment    CO2 Extraction Equipment    CO2 Extraction Equipment

What are the uses of carbon dioxide extraction machines?

CO2 Extraction Equipment is utilized to extract compounds from botanical materials. First, prepare the material and load it into the extraction chamber. Adjust pressure and temperature parameters to reach supercritical CO2 conditions. Start the extraction process, allowing CO2 to interact with the material, dissolving target compounds. The extracted solution is then separated, and by adjusting conditions, CO2 returns to its gaseous state, leaving behind pure extracts.


Application industries of carbon dioxide extraction machine

High-tech industry Food industry Chemical industry Cosmetics industry Petroleum industry Environmental protection industry

CO2 Extraction Equipment

Working principle of carbon dioxide extraction machine

CO2 Extraction Equipment operates on the principle of utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent to extract compounds from botanical materials. This method harnesses the unique properties of CO2 when subjected to specific temperature and pressure conditions, transitioning it into a supercritical state, exhibiting both liquid and gas properties.

During operation, CO2 is pressurized above its critical point, becoming supercritical. In this state, it possesses excellent solvent properties, enabling it to penetrate plant materials and dissolve desired compounds. This selective extraction process isolates target components like cannabinoids, essential oils, or other bioactive substances from the plant matrix.

The supercritical CO2, laden with extracted compounds, is then transferred to a separation chamber. Here, by adjusting pressure and temperature, the CO2 reverts to a gaseous state, leaving behind the extracted compounds in their concentrated form. The remaining CO2 can be recycled in a closed-loop system, making the process environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The key advantage of this method lies in its ability to extract compounds without leaving behind residual solvents or altering the extracted components’ integrity. Additionally, the precision in controlling pressure and temperature allows for the selective extraction of specific compounds while preserving their purity and potency.

The advantages of CO2 Extraction Equipment include:

  1. Selective Extraction: Enables selective extraction of target compounds, preserving purity by avoiding the extraction of unwanted impurities.
  2. Gentle Extraction: Operates at lower temperatures, preserving the integrity of natural substances and preventing damage to sensitive components.
  3. Residue-Free: Leaves no residual harmful solvents or chemicals in the extracts, ensuring high purity and compliance with safety standards.


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