Scraper drum dryer

Scraper drum dryer

What is a scraper drum dryer

The Scraper Drum is a type of rotary dryer utilized for drying high-viscosity and high-moisture materials. This dryer consists of a rotating drum with a unique design featuring internal scraper blades or paddles attached to the drum’s interior surface.

Here’s how it works: The wet material is fed into the rotating drum dryer through an inlet. As the drum rotates, the internal scraper blades or paddles continuously lift and spread the material across the heated drum’s surface. This action facilitates efficient heat transfer, enabling moisture evaporation from the material. The dried product is then discharged through the drum’s outlet.

This dryer design is especially effective for processing materials with high moisture content or materials that are sticky and viscous, such as sludges, pastes, or cakes. The scraper blades prevent material buildup on the drum surface, ensuring uniform drying and preventing clogging or sticking.

Scraper drum dryer     Scraper drum dryer   

Working principle of scraper drum dryer

  1. Rotating Drum: The dryer comprises a rotating drum with a heated surface inside.
  2. Material Feeding: Wet or high-viscosity material enters the dryer through an inlet.
  3. Agitation and Spreading: As the drum rotates, the internal scraper blades or paddles continuously lift, spread, and agitate the material across the drum’s surface. This action ensures even distribution and maximizes contact with the heated drum walls.
  4. Heat Transfer: The heated drum surface facilitates the transfer of heat to the material, causing moisture evaporation.
  5. Moisture Evaporation: The continuous contact between the material and the heated drum surface promotes rapid evaporation of moisture, transforming the wet or viscous substance into dry powder.
  6. Preventing Buildup: The scraper blades prevent material buildup on the drum surface, ensuring uniform drying and preventing clumping or adhesion issues.
  7. Material Discharge: Once dried to the desired level, the material exits through the drum’s outlet for further processing or packaging.

Industries and applications suitable for scraper drum dryers

  1. Chemical Industry: Used for drying materials like sludges, pastes, or chemical compounds. It assists in the production of chemicals, pigments, or catalysts.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Applied in drying pharmaceutical pastes or solutions to produce powders for drug formulations, ensuring precise dosages and stability.
  3. Food Processing: Ideal for drying food products such as starches, doughs, or food additives. It facilitates the production of powdered food ingredients or functional additives.
  4. Environmental Engineering: Used for drying sludge or waste materials in wastewater treatment plants before disposal or further processing.
  5. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Applied in drying substances used in cosmetics, producing powdered fragrances or skincare ingredients.
  6. Biotechnology: Utilized for drying biotechnological solutions, enzymes, or probiotics, maintaining their effectiveness and stability.


What are the characteristics of scraper drum dryer?

  1. nternal Scraper Design: Equipped with internal scrapers or paddles, ensuring effective agitation and dispersion of high-viscosity materials for uniform contact with the heated rotating drum surface.
  2. Efficient Drying: Continuous agitation facilitated by the scraper elements ensures prolonged contact between the material and the heated drum, promoting rapid moisture evaporation and efficient drying.
  3. Prevention of Material Buildup: The scrapers prevent material buildup on the drum surface, ensuring uniform drying and preventing adhesion or clumping issues.
  4. Versatility: Capable of handling diverse materials such as sludges, pastes, or sticky substances, catering to various industries and material types.
  5. Preservation of Material Properties: Maintains the integrity and properties of materials during the drying process, safeguarding the quality and functionality of the final product.
  6. Precise Control: Allows adjustment of parameters like temperature, drum speed, and material flow, providing customized drying conditions for optimized results.
  7. Reliability: Ensures stable and reliable operation, suitable for continuous production, ensuring consistency and efficiency in manufacturing processes.
  8. Scalability: Easily adaptable from laboratory-scale testing to larger production scales, ensuring consistent performance across different production capacities.

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