Small French fries production line

Small French Fries Production Line is a small line used in washing, peeling, slicing, frying and packing of the French fries. It helps in quality control and the costs of labour reduction as well as the yields making it relevant in the small to medium enterprises in the food processing industry. The line also provides high hygiene standards and the running as well as the maintenance of the line are relatively easy.


Small French fries production line introduction

Small production line means high level of processing of french fries and gives fries which are of the same category and rather good. It decreases on manual handling as most activities of washing, peeling, cutting, frying and packaging are mechanized. It also assistance in reduced wastage, timescales on the production of the products and is greatly effective in ensuring the products’ quality and a constant supply. Portable design is recommended for small scale activities and more preferable because it has issues to do with hygiene and maintenance that are easy.

Small French fries production line  

Principle of small French fries production line

  1. Potato Washing and Peeling: They are feeds into a washer-peeler machine in which water-washing and peeling is done using abrasive rollers or brushes.
  2. Cutting: They are then taken to the cutting part and fed into cutting machines that helps to cut them into the standard French fries through the help of blades and cutting grid.
  3. Blanching: With scissors, potatoes are peeled and sliced thinly as for particular preparations, to eliminate extra starch, must be boiled in water hot or steamed.
  4. Drying: After blanching, the fries are air-dried or passed through a dewatering machine to de moist the surface which is very crucial in attaining crispy exterior layer.
  5. Frying: The dried fries are then fried in hot oil at temperatures which it may be considered that the fries should be cooked to achieve the same crispness as the golden brown color seen.
  6. Seasoning and Packaging: Finally, the French fries can be seasoned with salt or any type of spices to favorite and then packaged using the packing making machinery for sale.

Advantages of small French fries production line

  1. Compact Design: Economy Econo offerings are well suitable for businesses that do not have a lot of storage space or where space for the kitchenette is limited.
  2. Cost-Effective: Smaller average of capital engaged in the first stages and also the general managing costs as compared to the immense production line.
  3. Consistent Output: It also enhances the convenient slicing of potatoes, frying and spicing that avails good fries all the time.
  4. Ease of Use: From the foregoing, it is quite clear that this aspect ensures that frequent breakdowns of machines due to controls and maintenance issues are discouraged hence improving on the productivity.
  5. Versatility: Can be used to cut various types of potatoes and also it can vary the sizes of the cuts apart from the length of fries.
  6. Quick Installation: Easy setup implies that a business can easily commence production soon after the launch because they can borrow ideas from other structures.

Technical Parameters



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