Drum scraper dryer

Capacity:40-630 L/h

Application: yeast, fish feed, sweet potato

Industry: for drying liquid raw material or sticky material in chemical industry, dyestuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, and metallurgy industry and so on.



Related introduction of drum scraper dryer

  1. Innovative Design: The drum scraper dryer boasts a cylindrical drum design equipped with internal scraper blades or paddles, meticulously crafted for efficient material drying.
  2. Continuous Agitation: Inside the rotating drum, scraper blades consistently agitate the material, ensuring an even distribution and exposure to heat across the entire surface for thorough drying.
  3. Heat Transfer Mechanism: Facilitates optimal heat transfer from the drum’s surface to the material, effectively evaporating moisture or solvents, and preserving the material’s integrity.
  4. Versatile Material Handling: Excelling in handling a diverse array of substances like slurries, pastes, or solid materials, making it a versatile asset across industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.
  5. Customizable Operations: Offers adjustable drum rotation speeds, allowing precise control to suit specific material requirements and optimize the drying process.

Drum scraper dryer   

Working principle of drum scraper dryer

  1. Material Loading: Initially, the material is loaded into the rotating cylindrical drum through a feed mechanism.
  2. Rotational Motion: The drum rotates steadily, facilitated by a motor, ensuring continuous movement of the material inside.
  3. Internal Scraper Blades: Inside the drum, strategically positioned scraper blades or paddles continuously agitate and lift the material as the drum rotates.
  4. Heat Application: Simultaneously, heat is applied to the drum’s surface, transferring heat to the material through conduction, aiding in moisture evaporation.
  5. Uniform Drying: The combined action of drum rotation and scraper movement ensures consistent heat exposure across the material, facilitating uniform drying.

drum scraper dryer


What are the advantages of drum scraper dryer?

  1. Uniform Drying: Ensures even drying of materials due to continuous agitation and consistent heat distribution across the rotating drum, preventing uneven drying or hot spots.
  2. Preservation of Material Integrity: The gentle scraping action by the internal blades prevents material sticking to the drum surface, preserving the material’s original properties and integrity.
  3. Versatile Handling: Capable of handling various materials such as slurries, pastes, or solids, making it adaptable across multiple industries.
  4. Efficient Heat Transfer: Facilitates effective heat transfer from the drum’s surface to the materials, ensuring efficient moisture removal and faster drying times.
  5. Controlled Drying Conditions: Offers adjustable drum rotation speeds and heat settings, allowing precise control to suit different material requirements, optimizing the drying process.
  6. Continuous Operation: Operates continuously, providing a consistent and steady output, meeting production demands efficiently.
  7. Reduced Maintenance: Relatively simple design and fewer moving parts result in easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs compared to other drying methods.


What are the corresponding materials and industries for drum scraper dryers?

  1. Application: yeast, fish feed, sweet potato
  2. Industry: for drying liquid raw material or sticky material in chemical industry, dyestuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, and metallurgy industry and so on.


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