Pasteurization equipment

Pasteurization equipment is used to treat food products and beverages at a given temperature for a certain time to eliminate the potentially dangerous microorganisms but have no impact on the product’s quality. It is mostly applied for dairy products, juices and all products that have a short period of shelf stability, it enhances and maintains safety. This process helps maintain taste and nutritional content of food and at the same time adhere to the set food hygiene regulations.


Pasteurization Equipment Introduction

Heat equipment used to eliminate all the dangerous bacteria in the foods and drinks known as pasteurization equipment. It helps in the preservation of products and safety from other elements while not negatively affecting the properties of taste, nutrition among other aspects. They are mostly applied in dairy products, juices and canned products and mostly comprise heat exchangers, holding tubes, cooler tubes and cooler sections to facilitate temperature controls.


Principle of pasteurization equipment

  1. Heat Exchanger: Uses hot water or steam to heat the product quickly, then rapidly cools it to kill bacteria without cooking the product.
  2. Batch Pasteurizer: Heats the product in a tank at a specific temperature for a set time, ensuring even heat distribution and effective pasteurization.
  3. Tunnel Pasteurizer: Passes products through a tunnel where they are sprayed with hot water or steam, followed by cooling, suitable for bottled or canned goods.
  4. Plate Pasteurizer: Employs metal plates to transfer heat between the heating medium and the product, allowing for efficient heat exchange and pasteurization.
  5. Steam Injection: Injects steam directly into the product for rapid heating and then uses vacuum cooling to quickly lower the temperature.
  6. Flash Pasteurizer: Heats the product to a high temperature for a short time, then cools it immediately, preserving flavor and nutrients while ensuring safety

Advantages of pasteurization equipment

  1. Ensures Safety: Kills harmful bacteria, making food and beverages safe to consume.
  2. Extends Shelf Life: Reduces spoilage, increasing product longevity.
  3. Maintains Quality: Preserves taste, texture, and nutritional value.
  4. Versatile Use: Suitable for various products, including milk, juice, and canned foods.
  5. Energy Efficient: Modern systems are designed to conserve energy.
  6. Automated Control: Advanced systems offer precise temperature control and monitoring.


Technical Parameters

ModelCapacity(L/H)Total power(kw)Steam consumption(kg/h)Size(mm)Weight(kg)
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