Lab spray dryer for sale

GRT dryers -lab spray dryer for sale

Application: aslemon Acid,chicken essence,borax,ammonium sulfate,radish silk,seeds,salt,silkworm, etc


Lab spray dryer for sale

Lab spray dryer introduction

A lab spray dryer is a device used in a laboratory environment, mainly used to dry liquid solutions, suspensions or emulsions and convert them into powdered solids. This equipment is widely used in the research and development departments of universities, research institutes and enterprises, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Experimental spray dryers usually have the following characteristics:


  1. Israeli multi-layer hot air dryer

Working principle of spray dryer

Atomization: The first step involves atomizing the liquid feed material into small droplets using either a rotary atomizer, pneumatic nozzle, or centrifugal atomizer. This atomization increases the surface area of the liquid, facilitating rapid evaporation.

Hot Air Contact: The atomized droplets are then introduced into a drying chamber where they come into contact with hot air. This hot air is typically heated using gas, steam, or electricity and serves to evaporate the moisture from the droplets.

Evaporation: As the atomized droplets move through the drying chamber, the heat from the hot air causes the moisture within the droplets to evaporate. This results in the formation of dried particles or powder, which are collected at the bottom of the drying chamber.

Heat and Mass Transfer: Heat and mass transfer occur simultaneously during the drying process. The hot air transfers heat to the liquid droplets, causing the moisture to evaporate, while the mass transfer ensures that the dried particles are carried away from the drying chamber.



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