Industrial mango peeling machine

Mango peeling machine which is industrial enhances the peeling outcome as well as hastens the rate of peeling while guaranteeing a consistent peel. This machine is capable of processing a large number of mangoes whilst at the same time reducing wastage and the amount of workforce that is required, which are aspects that are of great importance when it comes to commercial procesIndustrial mango peeling machine introductionsing of mangoes. It has aspects including ease of use and service, which makes it efficient and helps in cutting on the expenses.


-Industrial mango peeling machine introduction

  1. High Efficiency: Designed to remove a large number or mangoes in one timeframe thus enables the through put rates to be stepped up significantly.
  2. Uniform Peeling: Ensures that a uniform complexion is achieved at the expense of bruising while the fruit quality and appearance are reduced by the use of this method.
  3. Adjustable Settings: Dimensions: As mentioned above they have a peeling adjustable thickness that can accommodate small and big mangoes and ripe or raw mangoes.
  4. Labor Saving: Reduces cost of time consumers spent peeling and also makes the work of human operators easier especially because the product is many times produced in large quantities.
  5. Hygienic Operation: Fabricated from stainless steel for the whole body and all the parts that are in touch with the food are made from food grade materials that meet set hygienically required standards.

Industrial mango peeling machine

Industrial mango peeling machine principle

  1. Automated Feeding: They input the Mangoes through the belt conveyor which they make sure feeds the machine in the best way possible for the volumetric flow rate for processing.
  2. Positioning System: They incorporate sensors that enable positioning of the mango in the right place to shape the fruit to that marked line so that it can be peeled accordingly.
  3. Cutting Blades: Sharp curves finely cut into skin imitating the contour of the fruit, shaving as much as it is possible but saving as much, as it is possible too.
  4. Rotating Mechanism: While peeling, its axis of rotation is defined and so the blades are able to rub across the skin of the mango and peel off the skin.
  5. Peel Collection: The peeled skin is also collected and carried away by another belt system which ensures the skin is clean and the least amount of time which may be required in cleaning the equipment is disregarded.Adjustable Settings: Able to be made in different sizes of a mango, thickness of the peel.

Advantages of Industrial Mango Peeling Machine

  1. High Efficiency: Efficiently is used in removing skin of many mangoes boosts the speed.
  2. Consistent Quality: Maintains consistent percentage of peeling across all products in its line thus improving product looks.
  3. Labor Saving: This minimizes the amount of work that the organization has to do by itself, thereby cutting down on costs of running the business.
  4. Adjustable Settings: Able to be made in different sizes of a mango, thickness of the peel.
  5. Hygienic Operation: This in turn can be made of stainless steel in order to maintain its cleanliness and hygienically fit for use with food products.

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