Heat Pump Food Dehydrator

This employs a heat pump system which circulates air using a fan blow air over food and blows off moisture while recirculating heat to save energy. It is the specified low heat procedure for condensing moisture, which enhances the nutrition and taste profile in the food while shortening the drying time. Designed specially for fruits, vegetables and meat articles, this model has an assurance of producing perfectly dried foods and perfectly preserved Meats.



Introduction of Heat Pump Food Dehydrator

A heat pump food dehydration system refers to a specific kind of dryer system that is used in the removal of moisture from foods through the use of warm and dry air. The functions of the heat pump system used to make surrounding the air as heater then the transfer of heat in the drying chamber. This method is regarded as taking little energy as heat as the one required is recycle, and the temperatures used for drying are moderately low thus the nutritional contents and flavor of foods are preserved. It merely aims at fruits vegetables and herbs it can apply the available mechanism to transfer heat and energy used uniformly.

Heat Pump Food Dehydrator

Principle of heat pump food dehydrator

  1. Heat Absorption: Reciprocating heat pump working reverses its cycle and becomes a heat pump that absorbs heat from the surrounding air.
  2. Heat Transfer: It is from this heat that steel band takes and transfers it to the drying chamber.
  3. Air Circulation: There is a low power blower for blowing hot air of the same temperature as the food in the machine.
  4. Moisture Removal: Actual evaporation also takes place with food, and the moisture content is retained in the food by the air.
  5. Condensation: The air is then passed through condensing chambers so as to cool it making water to condense with the view of cleaning the air.

Advantages of heat pump food dehydrator

  1. Energy Efficient: An advantage of the process is that less time is taken to dry the materials than the techniques used in the traditional ways and is costly in terms of energy making it economically worthy.
  2. Consistent Drying: It ensures equal worth of heat which means that the food touched will have equal amounts of tenderness and dryness and which need to be restored should also be in the same quality.
  3. Temperature Control: As preferred flexibility is offered when general rate to which such components get dried is regulated through specific temperatures.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: This system does not contribute so much to the environment and utilizes some environmental friendly equipment.
  5. Quiet Operation: This favours it to work in low noise levels making it possible to be used in various environment.

Technical Parameters

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