Food Freeze Dryer

A food freeze dryer utilizes the principles for capturing moisture from the food through a cycle of freezing the food and then lowering pressure to make the water molecules present to change directly into vapor from ice. It allows food to remain in the way that is required in terms of shape, taste, and nutrients for a necessary period and does not need the use of preservatives to avoid perishing. In the process of dehydrating fruits, vegetables and meats, freeze drying is also employed, so implications on quality and shelf-life of the end products.


Food Freeze Dryer Introduction

  1. Preservation Quality: Supports preserve the palatability of the foods and their natural nutrients other than by heat treatment.
  2. Long Shelf Life: Expands the kinds present in the market for food items because it does not incorporate the use of preservatives when storing foods.
  3. Low Temperature Process: What temperature range experienced that enable maintaining of foods nutrients and structural characteristics?
  4. Vacuum Environment: frequently they are found with less moisture and vacuum the process used to verify that there is no moisture content left.
  5. Versatile Application: Arrowroot can be taken with almost any kind of food based on the consumer’s wish and to get the best out of it it can be taken with fruits, vegetables, meat products, and even dairy products.


Principle of food freeze drying machine

  1. Initial Freezing: The moisture in the food is the frozen that cause it gets change its state from water vapour to ice condition.
  2. Primary Drying: It uses Vogade a process in which it changes from state solid to gas under pressure reduction process It uses on the frozen food, changing it’s state from ice to vapor.
  3. Vacuum Environment: These are kept under vacuum in order to minimize the rate at which moisture content within this chamber will be demeaned.
  4. Controlled Heat: In order to make the salt content less apparent, while maintaining the quality of the product, use of heat usually in a gentle manner is applied.
  5. Secondary Drying: and the last actual solvent removal is done in a step where temperature under vacuum is slightly elevated.
  6. Moisture Monitoring: Sensors are in essence, mechanisms, whereby in this case, the dryer is monitored all the time regarding the moisture content, with the aim of making sure that the material is as dry as it can be.

Advantages of food freeze drying machine

  1. Nutrient Preservation: Retains the goodness of foods by avoiding the application of heat on the foods to an extent that it gets destroyed.
  2. Extended Shelf Life: Boosts the shelf life by a significantly of the foods that are being stocked in the company.
  3. Retains Flavor: Helps maintain the flavor and aroma of food products and other goods that is packaged and stored to be sold.
  4. Lightweight Storage: Conserves the cash preferred food energy in that it cuts the amount of food energy’s weight, making the food energy to be transported easily and be stored.
  5. Versatile Use: It can relatively be applied on many types of foods ranging from fresh foods, processed foods or even fruits, vegetables, and meats among others.



Technical Parameters

area (sq. m)510.52050.3198.7
Output (approx.)50KG100KG200KG500KG1000kg
Maximum ice capacity100KG200KG400KG800KG1500kg
FinishRa≤0.5um (0.5Mircon)
MaterialSUS 304
Temperature range-45~-50°C to + 80°C
Number of shelves5+1(upper radiant shelf)7+1(upper radiant shelf)10+ 1(upper radiant shelf)(15+1)x2,(upper radiant shelf)(15+1)×2,(upper radiant shelf)
Dimension (LxWxT) (mm)1000x1000x201500x1000x202000x1000x203100x541x186080x541x18
Spacing (mm)6565707777
Power 37kw63kw88kw150kw278kw
Dimension of unit (approx.)

(LxWxH) (mm)











Weight (approx.)5000kg6500kg7500kg14000kg 20000kg
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