food dehydrators for sale

Food dehydrators for sale: Efficiently dry fruits, vegetables, meats, and herbs. Commercial-grade quality, adjustable temperature, and spacious trays. Preserve nutrients, extend shelf life, and expand your product offerings. Easy operation, energy-efficient, and durable construction. Ideal for restaurants, food processing, and home-based businesses.


Introduction to food dehydrators for sale

  1. Versatile Drying: Food dehydrators for sale offer versatile drying capabilities for fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, and more, allowing for a wide range of food preservation options.
  2. Adjustable Temperature: They feature adjustable temperature settings to ensure precise drying, preserving nutrients and flavors while extending shelf life.
  3. Even Airflow: These dehydrators are designed with efficient airflow systems to ensure even drying throughout all trays, avoiding the need for rotation.
  4. Multiple Tray Capacity: With multiple trays or shelves, they can handle large batches of food, making them ideal for home use or small-scale commercial operations.
  5. Easy Operation: Food dehydrators come with user-friendly controls, timers, and temperature displays, making them easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike.
  6. Compact Design: Many models have a compact footprint, suitable for kitchens with limited counter space, and some are stackable for convenient storage.


food dehydrators for sale principle

  1. Heat and Air Circulation: Food dehydrators for sale work by applying heat and circulating air to remove moisture from food items.
  2. Heating Element: They are equipped with a heating element that warms the air inside the dehydrator, creating a low-humidity environment.
  3. Airflow System: The dehydrator’s airflow system, typically a fan, distributes the heated air evenly across the trays or shelves where the food is placed.
  4. Moisture Evaporation: As the warm air circulates through the food, it absorbs moisture from the food items, causing the moisture to evaporate.
  5. Adjustable Temperature: Food dehydrators allow users to adjust the temperature settings to suit different types of food, ensuring optimal drying conditions.
  6. Drying Time: Depending on the type of food and desired moisture content, the drying process can take several hours to a day or more, resulting in dehydrated food that is shelf-stable and preserved.

food dehydrators for saleFeatures

  1. Adjustable Temperature: Food dehydrators for sale offer adjustable temperature settings to suit different types of food, ensuring optimal drying conditions.
  2. Multiple Trays: They come with multiple trays or racks, providing ample space to dehydrate large quantities of food at once.
  3. Even Drying: These dehydrators feature even air distribution to ensure uniform drying of food items, preventing over-drying or under-drying.
  4. Timer Function: Many food dehydrators have a timer function, allowing users to set specific drying times and prevent food from over-drying.
  5. Compact Design: They are designed to be compact and space-saving, making them suitable for home kitchens or small spaces.
  6. Easy to Clean: Food dehydrators for sale are typically easy to clean, with removable trays and dishwasher-safe components for convenience.

Application industry

  1. Industry: chemical,pharmaceutical,food,dehydrated vegetables,grain,mining,etc
  2. Application: 1aslemon Acid,chicken essence,borax,ammonium sulfate,radish silk,seeds,salt,silkworm, etc

Technical Parameters

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