Hot Air Circulating Oven

Hot Air Circulating Oven: An essential for food processing businesses, our hot air circulating oven offers precise temperature control and uniform airflow, ensuring consistent drying and baking results. Its stainless steel construction guarantees durability, while the user-friendly interface and customizable settings make operation efficient. Boost your production with this reliable and versatile oven.


Introduction to hot air circulation oven

  1. Efficient Drying: The Hot Air Circulating Oven utilizes a powerful circulation system to evenly distribute heat, ensuring efficient and uniform drying of materials.
  2. Temperature Control: Equipped with precise temperature control mechanisms, this oven allows for accurate adjustment of temperatures ranging from ambient to high heat levels, suitable for various drying needs.
  3. Versatile Applications: With its adaptable design, the oven accommodates a wide range of materials and products, including food items, pharmaceuticals, and industrial components, making it versatile for different industries.
  4. Energy Efficiency: The oven’s advanced design focuses on energy efficiency, minimizing heat loss and optimizing energy consumption during the drying process, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  5. Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, the oven ensures durability, hygiene, and easy maintenance, meeting stringent industry standards for reliability and longevity

Hot Air Circulating Oven   Hot Air Circulating Oven

Hot air circulation oven principle

  • Heat Generation: Hot Air Circulating Ovens work by generating heat using electric heating elements or gas burners.
  • Air Circulation: The oven’s fan circulates hot air evenly throughout the chamber, ensuring uniform heat distribution.
  • Temperature Control: A precise temperature control system maintains the desired temperature range, typically between 50°C to 300°C.
  • Drying Process: Products placed inside the oven are dried efficiently due to the constant circulation of hot air, speeding up the drying process.
  • Moisture Removal: The circulating hot air effectively removes moisture from the products, preserving their quality and extending shelf life.

Features of hot air circulation oven

  1. Uniform Heating: Ensures consistent temperature distribution throughout the oven for even drying.
  2. Wide Temperature Range: Adjustable settings from 50°C to 300°C, suitable for a variety of materials.
  3. Efficient Air Circulation: Powerful fans circulate hot air evenly, reducing drying time and improving efficiency.
  4. Durable Construction: Made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.
  5. Versatile Applications: Suitable for drying, baking, curing, and sterilizing various products.



Application areas

  1. Materials: Food, fruits, vegetables, spices, meat, fish 1 Citric acid, chicken essence, borax, ammonium sulfate, shredded radish, seeds, salt, silk, etc.
    Application industries: chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mining, etc.

Technical Parameters

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