fish drying machine

Materials The fish dryer can not only dry all kinds of fish, but also dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, nuts, herbs and barbecue charcoal, etc.


Fish dryer related introduction

The fish dryer is a specialized drying machine used in the food processing industry to remove moisture from fish, preserving them for longer storage periods. Here are six key features commonly found in fish dryer machines:

  1. Temperature Control: Many models come with adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to dry fish at the optimal temperature for the specific type of fish.
  2. Timer Functionality: Integrated timers enable users to set precise drying durations, promoting ease of use and consistent results.
  3. Uniform Drying: The machine’s design ensures even heat distribution throughout the drying chamber, facilitating uniform drying of fish.
  4. Transparent Doors or Lids: Some models feature transparent doors or lids, allowing users to monitor the drying process without opening the machine, thereby maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Many modern fish dryer machines are designed to be energy-efficient, helping users save on electricity costs while producing high-quality dried fish.
  6. Safety Features: Certain models come with safety features such as automatic shut-off and overheating protection to prevent accidents and ensure user safety.

fish drying machine   fish drying machine

How fish dryer works

The working principle of a fish dryer, also known as a fish dehydrator, involves removing moisture from fish to preserve them for longer periods. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Preparation: The fish is cleaned, gutted, and filleted or sliced into uniform pieces to ensure even drying.
  2. Loading: The prepared fish pieces are arranged on trays or racks inside the drying chamber of the fish dryer machine.
  3. Drying: The machine’s heating element generates heat, and a fan circulates warm air throughout the drying chamber. This warm air gently removes moisture from the surface of the fish.
  4. Airflow: The effective airflow within the drying chamber ensures even heat distribution, promoting uniform drying of the fish.
  5. Temperature and Humidity Control: The temperature and humidity levels inside the dryer are closely monitored and controlled to create the optimal drying environment for the fish.
  6. Drying Time: The drying process continues until the fish reaches the desired moisture content, typically around 15-20% for dried fish.

fish drying machine

Features of fish dryer

  1. Longer Shelf Life: By removing moisture from fish, drying machines extend the shelf life of fish significantly, making them suitable for long-term storage and transportation.
  2. Preservation of Nutritional Value: Drying preserves essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in fish, ensuring that the dried fish retains its nutritional value for an extended period.
  3. Reduction in Spoilage: Effective dehydration reduces the chances of spoilage, mold growth, and bacterial contamination, ensuring food safety and reducing food waste.
  4. Enhanced Flavor and Aroma: Dried fish retains its natural flavors and aromas, making it suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.
  5. Versatility: Dried fish can be used in various recipes, such as soups, stews, salads, and snacks, offering versatility in the kitchen


Application scope of the fish drying machine

Materials The fish dryer can not only dry all kinds of fish, but also dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, nuts, herbs and barbecue charcoal, etc.

Technical Parameters

ModelLarge sizeMedium sizeSmall size
Total power49.65kw23.2kw10.75kw
Board room materialPolyurethane insulation board(Also can choose rock wool insulation board)
CompressorAir enthalpy increasing valley wheel compressor
Number of fan171619
Number of trays36014496
Number of trolleys1564
Size of trolley0.88*1.2*1.75m0.88*1.2*1.75m0.86*0.81*1.75m
Board room size8*3*2.85m5.6*2.2*2.7m3.3*2*2.2m
Applicable temperature rangeMinus 10℃~43℃


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