batch fluid bed dryer

Industry: chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, pesticide, animal feed, chemicals, pigment, dyestuff and other industries.

Application: medicinal granules, capsule granules, and low sugar or no sugar granules of Chinese medicine, cocoa, coffee-mate, instant tea, juice dissolving granules, flavoring and so on.

Description of intermittent fluidized bed dryer

  1. Efficient Drying System: The batch fluid bed dryer offers an efficient drying solution for various materials, utilizing fluidization principles to achieve rapid and uniform drying.
  2. Batch Processing: Designed for batch processing, it allows for the drying of discrete quantities of materials in a controlled and efficient manner, making it suitable for small-scale production or research purposes.
  3. Versatile Application: With its versatility, the batch fluid bed dryer can handle a wide range of materials including granules, powders, crystals, and agglomerates, making it suitable for diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.
  4. Gentle Handling: The fluidization process gently handles the materials, minimizing the risk of degradation or overheating, thus preserving the integrity and quality of the dried product.
  5. Precise Temperature and Airflow Control: Equipped with precise temperature and airflow control systems, the batch fluid bed dryer ensures optimal drying conditions for different materials, enhancing drying efficiency and product quality

Principle of intermittent fluidized bed dryer

  1. Intermittent Operation: The intermittent fluidized bed dryer operates in batches, where material is periodically fed into the drying chamber, dried, and then discharged, allowing for discrete drying cycles.
  2. Fluidization: The principle relies on fluidization, where a gas (typically air) is passed through a bed of solid particles at a controlled velocity, causing the particles to behave like a fluid. This enhances heat and mass transfer, facilitating efficient drying.
  3. Uniform Drying: Through intermittent fluidization, the dryer ensures uniform drying of materials by evenly distributing the gas flow and maintaining consistent fluidization throughout the bed.
  4. Heat Transfer: Heat is transferred to the material through convection from the fluidizing gas and conduction from the hot surfaces of the bed and drying chamber, promoting rapid evaporation of moisture from the material.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parametefs







area of bed0*260*
drying capadty(kg/h)10-1520-253(M652-753042-60ea-9084-120106-16056-8084-120
power of fan(kw>5.57.515227.518.53037483037
Inlet air temperature(t)120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140120-140
Material temperatureft;)40-6040-6040-6040~«040-6040-6040~€040-6040-6040-6040-60

Application areas

  1. Industry: chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, pesticide, animal feed, chemicals, pigment, dyestuff and other industries.
  2. Materials Medicinal granules, low-sugar or sugar-free Chinese medicine granules, cocoa, coffee mate, instant tea, juice granules, condiments, etc.


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