Automatic Potato Chips Line

An automatic potato chips line involves washers, peelers, slicers, blanchers, fryers, seasoning equipment, packagers that operate on a continuous basis to produce a large amount of potato chips with minimal human intervention.


Automatic Potato Chips Line Introduction

Automatic potato chips line includes the process of washing of potatoes, peeling process, slicing process, blanching process, frying process, seasoning, and packing. It also ensures enhanced efficiency and consequently an assured consistent quality that can compete with some of the observed industry standards, not forgetting equalization of costs of having to pay individuals for their labor. From the potato to the finished chips ready packed in a bag process involves a sequence of automation and this is suitable for commercial production. This line has the choices of the thickness of the steak to meet the various people’s preference and taste in regards to seasoning.

Automatic Potato Chips Line Principle

  1. Slices potatoes into even round pieces, puts the potatoes into blanching tank to lessen on the starch level.
  2. Transfers blanched slices to a frying chamber provided the temperature of oil for development is already hot.
  3. Transfers the fried chips lower to reduce the chip temperature then removes the excess oil and allow to cool.
  4. Seasoning is poured into the drum and it covers the products equally in the course of the stirring of the drum.
  5. There is also automation of checkon the chips quality, sorting of the chips and packing of the chips.

Automatic Potato Chips Line Advantages

  1. Efficient production with consistent quality output.
  2. Minimizes manual labor, reducing operational costs.
  3. Ensures uniform slicing and frying for better product consistency.
  4. Increases production capacity to meet high demand.
  5. Integrated seasoning systems for precise flavor control.
  6. Enhanced food safety standards with automated processing.




Technical Parameters



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