Vacuum microwave drying equipment

Vacuum microwave drying equipment is applied the vacuum technology and microwave energy technology to dry out the materials with high speed, and at the same time with low temperature, the nutritional and sensory characteristics are well maintained. This method is particularly suitable for the heat-sensitive products for example the fruits and vegetables, pharmaceutical and other products that needs to be dried while maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of the product.


Introduction of vacuum microwave drying equipment

  1. Rapid Drying: Higher degree of tenderizing, microwave energy can be applied under vacuum making the drying process fast thus reducing the processing time.
  2. Energy Efficient: It is therefore economic and environmental in that you use less energy in the removal of water from the grains than using the conventional methods.
  3. Quality Preservation: It is to preserve the colour of the dried products, taste and nutritional quality because low temperatures are used in the drying process.
  4. Uniform Drying: It also allows the consistent distribution of heat from the microwave energy and hence prevent possibility of having the products either over or under cooked.
  5. Versatile Applications: this makes it molar advantageous because it can be used in the drying of a lot of products such as fruits, vegetables meat, herbs and even medical products.
  6. Enhanced Product Safety: This way, the vacuum environment helps in reducing the oxidation and contamination level, which can potentially result into spoilage of the dried products and, thus, makes each of them safe for consumption.

Vacuum microwave drying equipment   Vacuum microwave drying equipment

Principle of vacuum microwave drying equipment

  1. Rapid Drying: Utilizes microwave energy to heat and evaporate moisture quickly under vacuum conditions, accelerating the drying process.
  2. Low Temperature: Operates at lower temperatures due to the vacuum, preserving heat-sensitive materials and preventing thermal degradation.
  3. Uniform Heating: Microwaves penetrate the material evenly, ensuring consistent drying without hot spots.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption by directly heating the material and minimizing heat loss.

Vacuum microwave drying equipment

Advantages of vacuum microwave drying equipment

  1. Fast Drying: Dries materials quickly, reducing processing time.
  2. Energy Efficient: Consumes less energy compared to conventional methods.
  3. Nutrient Preservation: Maintains nutritional content and quality of dried products.
  4. Uniform Drying: Ensures even drying without hot spots.
  5. Low Temperature: Operates at lower temperatures, protecting sensitive materials.
  6. Reduced Oxidation: Minimizes oxidation, preserving color and flavor.

Application areas

  1. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry and other industries
  2. Material 1 Heating, solidification and dehydration of products, such as raw materials, medicines, traditional Chinese medicine pieces, powders, granules, pill bottles, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, etc.·

+Vacuum microwave drying equipment

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