Mango cleaning machine

A mango cleaning machine is a machine that has the ability and capacity of cleaning as many mangoes as possible within a short time by washing the green sticky substance which adheres to the outer skin covering of the mangoes, and other unwanted debris that are snapped on the skins of the mangoes before processing them for human consumption purposes. Constructed using corroding free materials in ability to withstand conditions of harsh environment, this piece of material appropriately and hygienically cleans a mango thus the quality of the mango is highly enhanced.


Mango cleaning machine introduction

A mango cleaning machine efficiently washes and sanitizes mangoes, ensuring they are free from dirt and contaminants. This machine uses gentle brushing and water sprays to clean the fruit without causing damage. The mango cleaning machine is essential for maintaining high hygiene standards in fruit processing, improving product quality, and extending shelf life.

Mango cleaning machine

Mango cleaning machine principle

  1. Rotary Brushing: It has rotating brushes which clean the surface of the mangoes with a given cleaning medium by rubbing in circles.
  2. Water Spraying: Pressure washing is used to wash the mangoes by using high pressure water jet to wash the mangoes removing dirt and other residues.
  3. Air Bubble Washing: 16 Creates air bubbles on the mangoes and lets water into it to wash them and slightly shake them.
  4. Conveyor System: Transports the mangoes through different cleaning stages under the use of a conveyer belt.
  5. Filtering System: Submits fresh water through a filter and recycles it to enhance cleanliness, and productivity.
  6. Sanitization: Ensure that mangoes are properly washed using barred or disinfectant solutions.

Advantages of mango cleaning machine

  1. Efficient Cleaning: With reference to washing them well unlike the skin or other fabric that comes into contact with them to deposit dirt on them.
  2. Time Saving: Less time was spent washing, which per average consequently helped increase overall processing rates.
  3. Consistent Quality: Accepts the quality of mangoes by enhancing a given standard of cleanliness and ‘cleans out’ all objects that are likely to contaminate the products.
  4. Water Conservation: In this would come sub categories of water with the focus of the frequency of use during washing and wastage that goes to the cleaning process.
  5. Gentle Handling: Mature fruit: it does not have any negative impact on the skin of the mango and does not exert any pressure or squash force to the fruit skin.
  6. Customizable Settings: The equal dimension of columns is useful for fine tuning so as to analyze the mango’s sizes and the different levels of cleanability at the peels’ surfaces.

Mango cleaning machine

Technical Parameters

Bubble Type Mango Washing MachinePower(KW)Size(MM)Weight(KG)Mesh width(MM)


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