Cocoa bean drying machine

The aspect of this machinery in the cocoa bean drying machine in facilitating the removing of moisture in the cocoa beans is effective in enhancing the right drying mechanisms for a quality product. Some of the aspects are variable temperature setting and an even heat distribution which assists in toasting the beans and keeping their quality and nutrition intact. Recommended for small-small scale to high scale use, this machine enhances efficiency and standard of the produced goods.


Cocoa bean drying machine introduction

  1. Cocoa bean belt dryer is used to dry beans through a heated chamber conveyor belt where there is always the right moisture level.
  2. This dryer was specially made for producing high output while the control of the airflow assures even and effective drying of cocoa beans without any down-putting of quality.
  3. The interior belt conveyor transports the food through the dryer system in which steam is always being incorporated, and therefore this machine is suitable for bulk production particularly for those industries that deal with cocoa.
  4. Mandatory temperature settings or choices regarding the heated airflow and the adaptable belt speed makes it possible for the company to manage the quality of the product in regard to the taste of the cocoa beans.


Cocoa bean drying principle

  1. Here are six brief descriptions of the working principle of a cocoa bean belt dryer:Below are six short statements on the working principle on the cocoa bean belt dryer:
  2. **Continuous Drying**: The cocoa beans are put on a belt and the belt moves them through the different gradations of drying so that temperature of drying is diametral.
  3. **Hot Air Circulation**: Hot air is directing on cocoa beans conveyed on the belt to the next process of removing moisture by use of a right temperature and air flow.
  4. **Multi-Layer Design**: In this regard, the belt dryer provided the layers where through different zones the cocoa beans could encompass in an endeavor towards getting dried.
  5. **Energy Efficient**: This new belt dryer re-circulates warmed air hence reducing the amount of energy that will be used while achieving proper drying of these cocoa beans will still be possible.

Cocoa bean drying machine

Cocoa bean drying machine

  1. Uniform Drying: Effective drying: Adult method provides proper drying for the cocoa beans as compared to the children’s method thus enhancing on the quality of the product.
    Energy Efficient: This method derives from the principles of ON, using the MIL smallest amount of energy required to experience the best airflow temperature.
    High Capacity: It provides the chances to deal with huge quantity of cocoa beans in a given time thus increasing production rate.
    Automation: Automation is profitable since it has methods of reducing on the cost of employees and of course, it is always efficient in ensuring on productive operation.
    Gentle Handling: Reduces chances of bruising and the various adverse effects on the cocoa beans.

Technical Parameters

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