Beer yeast scraper dryer

Usage: Suitable for liquid raw materials or chemical industry. industry. Dye industry. pharmaceutical industry. Food industry, metallurgical industry, etc.


Introduction of beer yeast scraper dryer

  1. Efficient Drying Technology: The beer yeast scraper dryer utilizes advanced drying technology to efficiently remove moisture from beer yeast, ensuring high-quality dried yeast suitable for further processing.
  2. Continuous Operation: Designed for continuous operation, the dryer allows for the uninterrupted drying of beer yeast, enhancing productivity and efficiency in yeast production processes.
  3. Gentle Material Handling: The scraper dryer employs gentle material handling mechanisms to prevent damage or degradation of the beer yeast during the drying process, preserving its nutritional value and functionality.
  4. Customizable Drying Parameters: With customizable drying parameters such as temperature, airflow, and residence time, the dryer allows for precise control over the drying process, ensuring optimal drying conditions for different types of beer yeast.
  5. Compact Design: Featuring a compact and space-saving design, the scraper dryer is suitable for installation in breweries and yeast production facilities with limited space, maximizing floor space utilization.
  6. Easy Maintenance: Equipped with user-friendly controls and accessible maintenance points, the scraper dryer facilitates ease of maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation for yeast production.


Working principle of beer yeast scraper dryer

  1. Scraping Action: The beer yeast scraper dryer operates by continuously scraping a thin layer of beer yeast onto the heated surface within the dryer chamber.
  2. Heat Transfer: Heat is applied to the surface of the dryer chamber, facilitating the evaporation of moisture from the scraped beer yeast layer.
  3. Mechanical Agitation: The scraper blades or paddles agitate the beer yeast layer, promoting even distribution of heat and moisture throughout the material for uniform drying.
  4. Evaporation: As the scraped beer yeast layer comes into contact with the heated surface, moisture evaporates, leaving behind dried yeast particles.
  5. Separation: Dried beer yeast particles are separated from the liquid phase, typically by gravity or centrifugal force, and collected for further processing or packaging.
  6. Controlled Atmosphere: The dryer chamber may be operated under controlled atmospheric conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to optimize the drying process and ensure product quality and consistency.

Application of beer yeast scraper dryer

  1. Usage: Suitable for liquid raw materials or chemical industry. industry. Dye industry. pharmaceutical industry. Food industry, metallurgical industry, etc.

Technical Parameters

Heating aream30.751.
Host weightt1.
Total weightt1.
Steam consumption0.4mpa/m6913182222426304045so55808598
Usekw min1.


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