Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Automatic potato chips production line is a complete production system for the purpose of producing potato chips for the highest level of productivity. Some of them include cleaning, blanching, and peeling, cutting, sautéing, flavoring, and cellophane among others. It also assists in keeping the quality intact, reducing the need for manpower, and at the same time, increase the production rate which is advantageous to cover a wide market with the guarantee of cleanliness and uniformity of the food.


Introduction of Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

An Automatic Potato Chips Production Line in the mechanical way begins from the potatoes and come to the chipped chips. The operations of washing, peeling, slicing, frying and seasoning are all done by one belt which cuts down the time immensely. It also assists in reducing costs that would have been Incorporated in the procurement of labor, provides standardized products and boosts the productivity. Particularly, the line guarantees that the chips are of the same portions and flavor and contributes to the enhancement of product quality and sanitation.

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Principle

  1. Potato Feeding: These materials especially potatoes are put into the system and are then transferred from one belt to another.
  2. Washing: Potatoes for instance, is a raw material that is cleaned to cope with undesirable aspects including soil.
  3. Peeling: Mechanized peelers are then used to skin that – fiddly things such as fruits, seeds and the likes.
  4. Slicing: The slicing is done on the potatoes by the slicers which are work at very high speed and pre cutting also done here.
  5. Frying: From the potatoes, pieces are sliced and they are deep fried at different boiling temperature.
  6. Seasoning: Seasoning fried chips goes through a seasoning drum with the flavors to be spread on the chips.

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Advantages

  1. High Efficiency: Among the major innovations it is possible to distinguish an innovation that brings a huge progress in wash, packaging and the overall process which require much less time than before and produce a much higher output.
  2. Consistent Quality: Enables the creation of standard dimensions, thickness and texture of the chips hence standard product.
  3. Labor Saving: This automatically reduces the instances at which large numbers of employees have to be hired to work on the machines and in turn reduce operating costs as well as the possibility of human errors.
  4. Hygienic Process: Automation ensures that cleanliness is maintained and because of this the chances of product polluting are eliminated making the processes safe.
  5. Customization Options: The issue of changing the flavorant or the seasoning of the chips is solved with ease, a process that allows the manufacture of different types of chip flavors.
  6. Energy Efficient: The machines that are being used today are those which are energy conserving and this leads to a decrease in cost and minimizing the impacts made to the environment.

Technical Parameters



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